SP3 Series

  • 100% ABS Plastic (Acrylonitrile, Butadiene & Styrene),
    also known as Engineer grade Plastic
  • Our boltless design- absolutely no tools required
  • Dent, Scratch, insect Resistant, Antirust & Moisture corrosion
  • Lock Options: Key , Keyless , RFID , Pad Lock,
    Without/Handle Lock
  • Shelf: Solid Plastic Adjustable shelving to form additional
    storage space
  • Door & Lock Frame has dual colors. Better outlook with
    premium classic design
  • Door has the spring devises which provide the door with
    automatically closing function.
  • Available in multi-tiered units: Different sizes and colors of
    locker unit can be mixed and matched
  • High Impact Resistant Door (642 Newton) & Heavy Duty
    Body (withstand up to 1507kgf force in per unit)
  • Made In Taiwan; 3 years warranty on manufacture defects
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